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Participation in #SocialGame Sherlock Holmes II  

SH_II - Social GameWhat Is A Social Game?  

As you can see from the description I wrote: “I am the heir of #digitale #Sherlock #Holmes and I live in #web. Invents cases and mandameli writing to sherlockh2@gabrielevisioli.it. • #Account of a #SocialGame.

For “Social Game” I mean a collective game involved with people who use social networks.

The game is open on the social pages, or posts of Sherlock Holmes II such as: Facebook, Twitter e Google+.

To Participate must comply with a regulation:

  1. Premise

1 to. By participating in Sherlock Holmes II you accept in full all the articles of this Regulation.

1 b. The head of the Policy is Gabriele Visioli. You’ll find all the information going to the website gabrielevisioli.it/privacy.

  1. Behavioral norms

2 a. Users of the social pages are invited to mutual respect: if you turn on these discussions and sfocino the personal level, the people involved are asked to discuss it privately out of the Community. The goal is to create the collection point of all of Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts and, therefore, it is desirable a serene and peaceful environment in order to discuss. The same detective style was the EDUCATION.

2 b. It ‘obvious that in my social pages are not acceptable behaviors, sentences, messages, graphics, illustrations, multimedia materials that are inconsistent with the applicable law and the rules contained in T.U.L.P.S. (Consolidated Laws of Public Safety – Royal Decree of 18 June 1931 n. 773 et seq. Mm. Ii.): Anyone posting such content is directly responsible and the moderators will provide a report to Google much as the competent authorities. Also they will not be tolerated racist, defamatory, violent and otherwise discriminatory in any form.

2 c. My pages are all but moderators can not see everything. You are invited, if you notice a violation of the regulation, to sue us in the offending post. We will assess the report and take action if necessary.

  1. Rules for sharing

If you write each article you write, always check if the news you want to share is not already an issue in recent posts and is required to introduce the content shared with two lines of text or Google in a blog published on the pages politely not consider it junk and to block spam.


3 a. avoid duplication (so you can discuss matters and not become a showcase for spammers)

3 b. introduce the news (two lines are fine)

3 c. participate to the community (you respond to those who will respond)

3 d. if continuously published content without respecting any of the above rules will be banned.

  1. Content and post categories

The Sherlock Holmes II social pages have as a theme the same detective, the detective stories, cases to solve, issues … all linked by a common thread. Please stay in Tema.

Please note:

  • Sterile shares, no description, in 99% of cases will be cleared.
  • Response messages sent as public posts will be deleted.
  • The duplicates will be deleted.
  • These pages allow the flea market between private. If you have to sell products related to the theme of the page use it as well. I do not take any responsibility for any scams, so I recommend you use other channels (such as eBay, Amazon, …).

Thank you all. Your moderator and creator of the game.

+Gabriele Visioli (www.gabrielevisioli.it/contatti).

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